Tis’ the season! I am home for Thanksgiving and totally feeling the holiday spirit! A big goal of mine this year and next is to live more minimally, sustainably and mindfully. With that, I wanted to share with you my current favorite things to gift yourself or a loved one this season! I have included some codes to help save on cost! Happy Holidays! XO

  1. Sundays Nontoxic Nail Polish – I love all of their colors, but 49 is one of my favorites. It is perfect for all year round! 15% off with code “THEHEALTHYB15”.
  2. SilverTech Active Workout set from OrganicBasics – All their apparel is made from all organic, recycled materials with a continued focus on ethical production. Get 10% all merchandise with code “BETHANYOB2″
  3. Sakara Life  – This has been a staple in my diet since 2013. Organic, plant-based meals delivered to your door, ready to enjoy!  It makes life SO much more simple and the meals are made with high quality ingredients. Its like having a chef + nutritionist in one. I feel so great when I am eating Sakara life. You can use code “XOBETHANY” for 20% off. BUY ON DEC. 2ND and get 25% OFF with code “BFBETHANY”.
  4. Sugar Body Scrub – I recently started using beauty counter products and I fell involve real fast. They are all fabulous, but this sugar scrub is like nothing I have ever used. It feel SO good on your skin. Exfoliates while leaving your skin feels so moisturized and smooth.
  5. Beckah Mackage Coat – As soon as the weather got below 40 in NYC, I needed to invest in a new winter jacket. TBH everyone has a Canada Goose now, me included and I was ready for something new. I traded it in for this Mackage Jacket. It is SO warm. I highly recommend if you live somewhere cold!
  6. Naked Cashmere Lara Gloves – These are so soft and I love having the ability to use my fingers while still keeping my hands warm!
  7. Farm to Home 100% Organic Cotton Chunky Throw – I can never have enough blankets in the winter to stay cozy. This organic throw is GOTS certified and super comfortable!
  8. Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack – This is this most lightweight, comfortable, functional backpack I have found and its visually attractive. Great for running around the city with my laptop or travel!
  9. Everlane ReNew Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt – I love Everlane and everything they stand for! This sweater is made of 100% recycled polyester derived from 32 plastic water bottles!
  10. Jenni Kayne Suede Moroccan Slipper – SOFT AND WARM. What else do you need? Made is LA.
  11. Marc Fisher Sneaker Bootie – Warm sneakers to run around in the winter! I love the fur on the outside. All Marc Fisher boots are so comfortable.
  12. On CLOUD X Sneakers – I just purchased these reacently and I am INLOVE. They are SO comfortable and feel like you are walking on clouds, with still being supportive.
  13. MATE the Label Ellis Hoodie – MATE strictly sources GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, which stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. It is globally recognized to be the highest standard, including environmental and social criteria.
  14. Beyond Yoga Boyfriend Jersey Classic Tee – A White Tee is a staple in my wardrobe. This is the most comfortable one I have found to date and it washes and wears really well
  15. Dr, Joe Dispenza Becoming Supernatural – This book has completely changed my LIFE.
  16. doTERRA Whisper Essential Oil – My to-go scent I wear everyday. It smells uniquely different on everyone. Perfume is full of synthetic chemicals that harm our health. This is much smarter option. It is calming too 😉
  17. Black Tourmaline Freeform Crystal – Put this anywhere in you home. I have them all over. I specially place this one by our TV and computer it shields your space from any unwanted or negative energy and EMFs!
  18. PELOTON Cycle Bike – I get asked about our bike often. I personally LOVE it. I use it a lot more in the winter than the summer, but it is such a great option to have in the home to get in daily movement. There are SO many different classes to pick from as well as off to bike yoga and strength training classes.


Happy Holidays!! I hope you have a SAFE and joyful month and a happy, healthy 2020!


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