“It’s not the words of your intentions that manifest your reality, it’s the VIBRATION of the energy of your intentions that attracts”

So how do we raise our vibration to be at a high frequency to which we will attract what we desire?

Here are my top 11 go-tos for raising my vibration:

1. Forgive 🙏🏼 when we are holding on to these feelings it keeps us in a low vibration. Let go. Share love

2. Practice gratitude – there is always things to be grateful for. Write them down everyday

3. Meditate – raise your consciousness and nourish your nervous system. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to do it right. Start by simply sitting quietly without judgment and just be.

4. Take a cold shower – moves stagnate energy and provides physical benefits such as increased circulation, reduces inflammation and improves lymphatic drainage.

5. Listen to a soul bath (thank you @nicole_rutsch) sound healing has been so powerful for me. Our body is made up of different vibrational frequencies. When the frequencies are low or out of balance, disease and discomfort can occur. Sound has an amazing ability to raise and balance our internal vibration.

6. Practice breathing exercises (thank you @mb.mannino) Anywhere. Anytime. Our breath is our most powerful tool

7. Walk in nature – I really try to consciously take in my surroundings. Find gratitude for Mother Earth

8.  Turn the music up and dance around – such an easy shift and mood booster. We don’t laugh and have fun enough. Don’t take life too seriously. Dance, move your body, sing. raise your vibration!

9. Consume high vibrational foods – fresh fruits, veggies are earth’s medicine. Food carries vibration – prana – life force. The more we consume the more it nourishes our vibrational energy

•10. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and lift you up!

11. Take note of what you are consuming: TV / Books / Social Media and make sure it is nourishing you and not draining your energy. Create boundaries where needed.


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