There is no doubt 2020 has been a transformation year that has brought a lot of emotions and change. Many of us are feeling the weight on the world ourselves. Major historical events are happening before our eyes and for some of us, it’s hard to not get involved or feel the energy of it all.

Being informed and involved in great, but understanding how to care for yourself along the way is even more important. Knowing how to cleanse your aura and not allow negative or heavy energy attach to you is powerful.

So what is an “aura”? Your aura is the ENERGY you omit. It is your vibe. It’s the frequency you are operating on. Its the energy within you and around you. When your aura is full of negative/heavy energy, it can leave you feeling down. When you are operating from a lower vibration you cannot attract what you truly desire. When you have a clear aura, you are able to distinguish your own thoughts, feelings and emotions from others.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to cleanse your aura daily so you can continue to keep your vibration high and continue to spread good vibes into the world.

  1. Smudging  – Burning sage (or other herbs and sticks can also be used), also known a smudging is a great way to clear / cleanse energy in your body and in your space. Before you start to smudge, open all windows, doors, closet etc. to allow the negative energy to properly leave. To prepare make sure you have a small bowl or dish to put under the sage as you walk around the house.  Once everything is open, light the sage and allow the smoke to fill your space. Ask the negative energy to leave and visualize everything that doesn’t serve you escaping from you and your space. Once you have cleansed yourself and your space, visualize a bright white light radiating through you and your space. Seal the feeling.
  2. Bath / Shower – Bathing is so cleansing, not just physically but for our aura as well. Take a shower and alternating between hot and cold water helps move energy. Start with warm water for a couple of minutes and then alternate with COLD water for 30 second increments. Repeat as many times as you can. You should feel energized after! Taking a bath can be an incredibly healing and calming ritual. My favorite routine is to draw a warm bath, add 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil, 2 cups of epsom salt and light a non toxic candle. Relax in the bath for about 20 minutes and all the salt and oils absorb into your body. Lavender is calming and the salts promote detox.
  3. Meditation / Sound Bath – Our body is made up of different vibrational frequencies. When the frequencies are low or out of balance, disease and discomfort can occur. Sound has an amazing ability to raise and balance our internal vibration. My good friend Nicole performs beautiful sound baths. You can check one out here that is specially for cleansing your aura.
  4. Crystals – Crystals not only omit energy, they can also help clear energy. Amethyst, Selenite and Clear Quartz are some of my favorite purifying stones. You can place them around your home, you can wear them in jewelry, you can place them on your body during meditation or hold them. You can also add them to your salt baths.
  5. Chanting/Visualization –  Find a quiet space to sit comfortably. Start to visualize a beaming bright light shining through your body through the crown of your head. Start chanting a mantra that you connect with. For me, I like to chant ” Shanti” which means to bring peace and harmony. Continue to visualize the bright, white cleansing light as you chant. Repeat as many times as you need to feel free.
  6. Breathwork – Our breath is our most powerful tool to calm and sooth our mind and body and it is available to us at anytime. There are many different breathing exercise we can do to cleanse our aura. My favorite breathing exercise to cleanse my aura is as follows:
    1. Sit in a comfortable position, take a few cleansing full breaths
    2. When ready take a deep breath for 10 seconds while raising your hands in the air above your head.
    3. Hold for 5 and FORCEFULLY slam your arms down and exhale completely.
    4. Repeat at least 5 times


All of these tools will help strengthen your energy field. You will be able to protect your own energy and think clearly. These tools can be used daily. You have everything you need within you to take care of yourself. Xo



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