Lately it seems like I am flying somewhere every month so I have gotten it down to a science to make sure I am comfortable, healthy and happy during my travels. Below I’ve outlined my favorite travel essentials. Enjoy!

  1. COMFY CLOTHING! You will never see me in a tight shirt and jeans on a plane. I like to be as cozy as possible. Click here to check out some of my most recent favorite lounge sets.
  2. REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE. More and more places are starting to have filtered water stations. It is very important to stay hydrated while traveling and having a reusable water bottle cuts down cost and waist. I personally love Swell. 
  3. READING MATERIAL – I love to get work done on the plane or read a book. Also, vacation is the perfect time to get caught on on all those books you have been “meaning to read”. I am about to start The Untethered Soul.
  4. ESSENTIAL OILS – These oils keep me calm, healthy and are my first line of defense if I start to not feel well. I use On guard to keep my immune system strong, peppermint and DigestZen for any nausea, upset stomach or bloating, Past Tense for any neck tense or headaches, Balance to keep my nervous system relaxed and Whisper to smell good 🙂 Click here to check them out!
  5. HAND SANITIZER – Travel = GERMS! I try not to go too crazy on over-sanitizing because we need some bacteria, but will all the illnesses going around, especially in the winter time, I never travel without hand sanitizer. Most are very toxic. My favorite is this one by doTERRA.
  6. LUGGAGE – I buy all Delsey Luggage. It is very affordable and durable. You can order off Amazon too. I rotate between carry ones. But I love these: Dagne Dover Landon Carryall, Dagne Dover Dakota backpack, MZ Wallace MAX Shoulder Bag, Goyard Tote. 
  7. ROSE WATER SPRAY – Like I said, travel is dehydrating, a few sprays of this cocokind rose water spray is so hydrating to the skin and also wakes you up.
  8. SNACKS – Fruit is a must when traveling. Again, very hydrating. I pack a bunch fruit in a stasher bag for the flight. I also have been loving these Sakara Life Energy bars.
  9. CBD – Travel can sometimes make me feel anxious. Also, sleeping in a new environment can sometimes mess with my sleep cycle. CBD seems to help calm down my nervous system and allow me to get proper rest. I love Bloomfarms and Endoca (HEALTHYB10 for 10% OFF) Endoca body butter is amazing too.  Both organic and non gmo, as well as third party tested.
  10. LAPTOP & HEADPHONES – This is a given, but I pretty lunch do not go anywhere without my phone charger, laptop and headphones. Recently I’ve been using the non-wireless ones because of the amount of EMFs the wireless ones give off. You can read more about that here.
  11. SUPPLEMENTS – This is very individualized. I worked with my doctors to determine the right supplements for me. However, when traveling Vitamin C and Magnesium are both a must and overall considered safe for all. There are also supplements to detox from radiation and toxins depending on where you are flying to and the duration. Turmeric, Ginger and Oil of Oregano are great for keeping your immune system healthy and strong as well.
  12. CRYSTALS – If you have no idea what I am talking about. Click here to read my blog post explaining what crystals are and how they work. I personally like to travel with clear quartz, amethyst, malachite, shungite (EMF protector!!) and selenite. All of these crystals have different properties but all protective.
  13. LIP MOISTURIZER – I love love love love this set form BeautyCounter. The lip polish helps remove dead skin and the balm keeps your lips hydrated. The gloss is great is you need to take it up a notch.

Happy Travels!


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