We all are worthy and capable of living a life full of love and joy. Let me help guide you through your journey of renewed health and self-discovery.

What Clients Are Saying

"Bethany was a great addition to my healing team and journey. Her tips and support were really helpful, and felt truly authentic since she has overcome her own physical challenges with brain surgery. As another young person going through neurological symptoms, I really felt she understood me. Little changes that turn into new habits can go a long way so I’m grateful for the things I’ve been able to incorporate into my daily routine."
- Amanda K. 
"Working with Bethany was a powerful, transformative, and empowering experience! Through coaching calls, reading recommendations, homework, and the knowledge that if I needed her in between sessions I could always reach out — working with her helped me continue to heal and move beyond my illness."
- Katie M. 
"There is so much I could say here, but I will keep it short (as possible).  Bethany is fantastic.  I had been following her on Instagram (@thehealthy_b) for a little while when she came out with her BHealed program.  I read about her story and her own experience with health-related trauma.  At this point, I had been struggling with a rather drawn out recovery from my sixth concussion.  It was so eye-opening to find someone who had felt some of the same things I had been feeling from my own health-related trauma.  I had been struggling to find the right kind of support I was seeking, and someone who understood the struggles that can arise with continuing challenges to recovery.  I didn't understand all the fear and anxiety I was holding onto and that it was rooted in my history of health trauma.  Bethany helped me realize the limiting beliefs I had of myself as a result of all that fear and anxiety, and how they have been holding me back.  She helped me to understand, and provided me with a myriad of tools to help release what I was holding onto.  She gave me the opportunity to really reflect on our sessions and suggest actionable steps towards taking control back and bringing joy and health back into my life.  With Bethany's help, I was able to look within myself, learn how to prioritize myself and my well-being, and accept and enjoy all the good things coming my way.  I cannot recommend Bethany enough.  She came through my life at exactly the right moment and provided such a comforting and healing presence when I needed it most.  She made me feel heard and understood; and helped me find exactly what would work for me.  I cannot thank her enough for this."
- Katherine S. 
"Working with Bethany has been truly transformative. She was relatable and created a space where I felt safe to share my own struggles. She has taught me how to shift my mindset and manage my anxiety. I was living with and operating from a place a fear that I was not even aware of. The weekly homework was challenging, but powerful in shifting my behaviors. I learned how to not allow my thoughts to consume me and how to retrain my subconscious mind to more positive thoughts. She has taught me how to live In my own power and be my own healer. She inspired me to quit my job and go after my passion. I am so grateful for our work together."
- Sarah R. 
"I think it was during one of our last meetings, you suggested cranial sacral therapy. It has been an absolute godsend! The level of pain reduction I had after the first session was absolutely life-changing. I remember messaging with you through tears in the parking lot after that first visit.  In subsequent sessions, my therapist said it normally takes several sessions to see that type of result. She said it was evident that I’d done a lot of deep work with you to prepare my body to be as receptive as it was to CST. Nothing, in 15 years, has brought me out of my pain and back to feeling like myself like working with you and being led to CST. I am so grateful for our work together."
- Emily R.