Hey guys! Happy September! I cannot believe it is almost FALL! Where did summer go? Sometimes I catch myself wishing I was living in California for the consistent beautiful weather; but then I realize how grateful I am to have the change of seasons and how much I do truly enjoy the diversity. As much as I don’t want to say goodbye to summer bbqs, weekends on the lake and long summer nights; I am very excited to welcome cider mill trips, football games, crisp cool morning walks and much more!

Anyway, I feel inspired to write to you about why I quit my corporate career, went back to school, and am currently pursuing a career in health and wellness.  Most of you know it is because I went through brain surgery (you can read more about that journey here), but let me spill the juicy details and dig a little deeper into WHY I made this transition, and the journey of getting here.

When I graduated college, I had NO idea what I wanted to do, or whom I even was. If you have read my previous posts, you know I just wanted to move to New York City. What did I even want to do there? I didn’t know. I just knew there was something there for me, and I was meant to move there for some reason.  I didn’t want to plan it, I felt confident it would work itself out.  Well it kind of did, and there was a reason(s) why I moved there; I met my now amazing husband, Clark and had an incredible neurosurgeon who saved my life.  I truly believe I was meant to move there for both of those reasons. However, it wasn’t until I went through brain surgery and I was in recovery that I was able to dig deep into my soul and find what my purpose really is here on this earth in this body.

Now – I am not saying you have to have a large traumatic event in your life to find your purpose, but it does tend to be in those times when we stop and think about what is important, and it puts everything into perspective.

When I was early in my recovery, the only thing I could do some days was to just breathe and be still. (a post coming soon about my recovery journey). In my 27 years of existence, I had never allowed myself to be still and listen – until this life event happened. Before then I was too scared to be quiet with my own thoughts, because they were mostly negative and I did not want to confront them. Therefore, I kept busy to dodge feeling. To be honest, I did not have the tools to be able to “work through them”, all I knew how to do was suppress and ignore. I thought I was doing myself a favor by not allowing myself to feel or hear anxious thoughts – to be strong through them and not let them affect me; but I was actually doing myself a disservice by not working though those thoughts and feelings, and allowing to open SPACE for me to listen to what I needed to hear – my purpose and who I am!

The universe literally had to give me this tough experience of brain surgery so I could learn SO much about myself, and I am grateful for it everyday. It was scary, challenging, painful (emotionally, mentally, physically), but it has taught me SO much.

So how did all this lead me to a career in health and wellness? Basically, I saw my life flash before my eyes and it put everything into perspective. I learned, when you do not have your health, you do not have much…or anything at all. Nothing else is important. This inspired me to focus on fueling my body well so I could live a long, healthy, quality life. But I learned it goes so much deeper than eating well and exercising; it is all about finding joy and balance in your life.

At the beginning of my recovery I was basket of emotions – so happy to be alive, and at the same time – so devastated this happened and my whole life has changed.  I did not know how to deal with my “new normal” emotionally or physically. I did not know what I should be doing to heal my physical body, and also how to heal mind and spirit. I needed someone to be my advocate. I was TRIED, have been through a lot, and I could not fight for myself anymore; I needed a strong sharp clean brain and an open heart to be my support and coach me through what I need to do to heal and get well. I needed someone to hear me, understand me and fight for me. Brain surgery is a major surgery that brings major life adjustments. I did not know anyone who had gone through the type of brain surgery I went through, and I felt very alone. I felt as if no one could relate to what I was going through. No one had the empathy to help me the right way. No one wanted to spend the time listening to my struggles often. That is until I met a health coach. A health coach was the missing puzzle piece to my recovery. I had a doctor who saved my life, but it ended there. I needed someone to support me in my healing journey and that is what a health coach does!

Through speaking with a health coach, learning more about the profession and seeing first hand how they were able to help me through my recovery, I knew I had found my purpose. I even remember one day saying out loud to myself, “ I need to be this for others – I need to be a health coach – people NEED this in their lives”. I felt so strongly about this.  I felt PASSION! Finally I felt that PASSION everyone talks about. I knew this is part of the reason I went through this trauma, and I was excited to figure this all out for myself and to help others.

At this same time of speaking with a health coach is also when I learned about IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). I knew I wanted to do this program to become a health coach myself and coach others through difficult times with their health. This is also when I was starting to heal and feel so much better. I felt strong again. I felt confident in myself again. I felt I could do more “normal” activities again. I believe all this progress was from working with a health coach and getting my healing support system in place. (another post coming about that soon). Eventually I was improving so much that I felt I needed to go back to work to a “real job” to be able to “contribute” financially since I had not been working for almost a year. There was no expectation of this from others, I was putting this on myself.  Even though I had this “aha” moment of pursing my passion, I pushed it to the side because I felt I “needed” to make money and go back to my stable career. However, looking back now, I know it was more so FEAR that drove me to making a decision to go back to HR, not the money.  I was afraid to become a health coach. Afraid to fail, afraid I wasn’t capable, afraid to put myself out there, afraid of what others will think, afraid to leave my steady income for good; basically afraid to trust and believe in myself to succeed.

So, fear won and I went back to work in HR. It was a bad idea from the beginning, but I guess I just needed to learn the hard way. (We have all been there!) I had a very inflexible schedule, a cruel boss, boring work, and NO PASSION AT ALL in what I was doing everyday. I felt like I had just gone through this transformational life event and I was wasting my time at this job I felt zero JOY in. Life is short people say. I felt it, so what was I doing? I was scared to make the leap. Even though this job sucked – for lack of better terms; I had a nice paycheck every other week, and I smiled, nodded and sent out a few emails here and there when I needed to to continue to get that paycheck.  I was in traffic for 2 hours of my day to drive to a job I had no connection to. I was constantly complaining about many aspects of it and so much so my husband was so sick of hearing it and be being unhappy that he told me to quit. I had verbal confirmation to quit and wven then, I still did not. What is wrong with me? = FEAR! Even though I had been working through so much in my recovery, FEAR was always a BIG obstacle I was trying to work through.

Finally, after a year with the company, my position got eliminated through a company merger, and it was the SIGN I needed from the universe to finally enroll at IIN. I am THANKFUL that the universe just eliminated my job, and nothing more harsh of a lesson was to be learned. Thank you Universe 🙂

So I enrolled in school at IIN and it was the BEST decision I have ever made. The program was transformational in itself and I learned so much! With my education and personal experience, I now currently work with clients one and one, and in groups coaching them through their health journeys. I also speak at corporations and events on health and wellness topics. I specialize in working with individuals who have been through a health trauma, and those who have health issues and are struggling to find healing and balance in their life.  My focus and goal is to help people discover JOY in their lives and find peace in the situations they have been handed. Once that happens, everything else typically falls into place. I realized through my recovering, I was living a large majority of my life waiting for the next best thing, over-thinking everything and not living in and enjoying the present moment. I was robbing myself of joy. I also realized part of that reason this was happening was because I was not living my truth, and pursing a career in anything I am passionate about, which fueled anxiety within me.  I lacked passion. I always wanted to be my own boss and make my own schedule, but I never thought that was obtainable for me. Self- limiting beliefs swarmed my mind frequently. I was focusing on all of the negative rather than putting my energy towards all the positives that would happen when I made the transition.

The mind is VERY powerful. Just like we fuel our bodies with health food, we must fuel our minds with healthy thoughts otherwise we will not heal.

While I was in NYC this past weekend I walked by a bookstore pop up shop in Central Park. I picked up a book I have been meaning to buy – Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and I opened it up to this quote: “I thank the universe for taking everything is has taken and giving me everything it is giving”

There will be lessons to be learned always in life, and bumps in the road, but when you are living out your passion there is nothing more fulfilling and nothing that brings more JOY.

Thank you for reading! If you are struggling to make a career move, or if you are interested in working together. Please reach out! I would love to connect with you!

Love you all! <3

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