What is Spiritual Interior Design? A question I get asked often….

Last August (2021) I launched my new business, Spiritual Interior Design by B and I am so involve with this passion of creating energetically elevating spaces for people to nourish and support their overall well-being. 

However, when I launched my business, many people stare at me with a puzzled look wondering what this concept even is! The truth is, this isn’t anything new. This energetic soul connection we have to our home environment has been around for centuries.  Whether it’s Feng Shui, Ayurveda, or the person-environment studies, this concept of balancing energy and the effects it has on our health has been studied and practiced for years.  Now, as this method of spiritual interior design is starting to get more and more attention again, I am so grateful to be apart of sharing it, spreading the word and offering this healing.

So what exactly is spiritual Interior design though?

Have you ever walked into a space and something felt off? Perhaps it felt lifeless, cold or even “empty” — regardless of the furniture that filled the space. Now, in contrast, have you ever walked into a room and it felt warm, safe, and calm? You may have even felt like you wanted to move right in. Perhaps it made you feel like you could relax there and take a nap, or maybe it made you feel inspired and productive. What you are feeling is the ENERGY the space is encompassing.

The energy of your spaces have a profound effect on your well-being — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Health isn’t just the absence of disease – health is the manifestation of your life’s highest potential. Spiritual Interior Design is the philosophy of creating spaces that are energetically elevated and aligned with your true self to generate an environment for prosperity to flourish in all areas of your life. 

Today, as a society, we are so focused on our routines: health routines, self-care routines, organizing routines, evening routines, cleaning routines, etc. but, the energy we maintain in our homes doesn’t make it into the conversation…. until now! Properly energetically designing our spaces and implementing home cleansing routines can have a large impact on our well-being. Experts say individuals are now looking beyond color schemes and practical furniture and figuring out how to make a soul connection with their homes.

After going through a major health trauma in 2015, I started to deeply connect with my environment to support my healing. This sparked interest in me studying more about the connection between our health and our environment.

Through studying energetics, health and our environment, I have created my own method using principles of feng shui, energy clearing tools, natural elements, function, visual appeal, sustainability, spatial energy and intention to design spaces that  promote the most calm, peaceful environments to promote health and wellness.

When I work with a client, the  work is interactive. How you want your space to FEEL, will be up to you. We will work together to bring your vision and desires to life.  Understanding the elements in your home and the vibration they carry will be a large part of this process. Too much of one element or color could cause an imbalance, causing you to feel imbalanced. Clutter in your home could be holding negative energy that is causing you to feel chaotic, on edge or overwhelmed.

Everything in your home carries energy and affects your mood and your own energy. Spiritual interior design is creating  balance with all elements to elevate your own vibration within yourself and your life!

If you are interested in elevating the energy in your space to improve your well-being, connect with me here.



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