I woke up this morning in NYC, and I cannot think of any other place I would rather be right now. The city is MAGIC this time of year (anytime of year for me actually  ;-)). I cannot wait to soak up all the fun NYC holiday activities over the next few days. All this holiday spirit has inspired me to share with you The Healthy B’s 25 Favorite things!  It was hard to narrow it down to 25 things, but these are the most special and important to me at the moment 🙂 I hope you find a great idea for yourself or a loved one this season! XO

  1. Canada Goose Victoria Parka – I purchased this coat 5 years ago and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is the warmest, most comfortable winter jacket. It is a must if plan to spend time outside in the winter months or live in Michigan 😉
  2. Jack Lalanne Juicer – You all know my love for celery juice! This is the juicer I have and it is 7 years old, but works amazing. If this model is still not available, I would trust any Jack Lalanne! Read why I drink celery juice everyday here.
  3. Wrin Ugg Slippers -I am always cold and in the winter I am always shopping for the warmest clothing to keep me cozy. I live in these Ugg slippers. So warm, cozy and comfortable.
  4. Apple AirPods – These make life so much easier! Whether I am walking the dog, running around NYC on vacation or taking client calls; these are the best! It is so nice to not have a cord to wrestle with.
  5. Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask & Matcha Face Moisturizer – I love everything Cocokind, but these two make an amazing team. The mask makes my skin so clear and vibrant ;and the moisturizer keeps my skin smooth and hydrated (especially in the winter!)
  6. doTERRA Essentail Oils – These make the perfect gift (for yourself or others!) If you haven’t yet, click here to read my experience on how I got interested in essential oils and how they have changed my life! I use them to manage pain, keep my immunity strong, clean my house and de-stress (to name a few). My favorites are On-gaurd, Past Tense , Peace and Whisper. They now have a new non toxic deodorant that is amazing (and works!)
  7. Crystals & The Digital Detox Bracelet – Over the last year or so I have been learning more about crystals and their powerful properties. Now they are part of my daily life and have promoted healing. Energy Muse is an amazing source to purchase crystals. This digital detox bracelet I wear everyday. The amount of EMFs we are exposed to daily is alarming. This will help protect you.
  8. Yung Pueblo: Inward – I have been reading a little bit of this book each morning and find it so refreshing and inspiring. Inward is a collection of poetry, quotes, and prose that explores the movement from self love to unconditional love, the power of letting go, and the wisdom that comes when we truly try to know ourselves.
  9. 18-day Mind-Body Reboot Program – I did this program 3 years ago when I was first healing from brain surgery. I realized I was doing everything wrong and finally learned the tools and foods to eat to feel my best! This year I have teamed up with my friends, Nadia and Cat to offer this program to you! Give this gift of health to yourself or a loved one this year! We start January 6th!
  10. SPANX Active Leggings – THESE ARE THE BEST. To be honest, this is my first spanx purchase and now I understand the HYPE! Theses are the most comfortable leggings and very flattering.
  11. MZ Wallacec Travel Jimmy – This is the perfect travel/city bag! Lightweight, comes in 3 beautiful colors and can fit so much! It has a nice little luggage sleeve so it is perfect to pop on your carry-on!
  12. Vince Cashmere Sweater – Every winter I clean out my closet and purchase 3 or 4 quality sweaters that I will wear and have for years. Vince is one of my favorite brands and you cannot go wrong with cashmere. I am all about quality over quantity. I have some sweaters that I have had for over 5 years in perfect condition.
  13. Adidas Ultraboost Parley Knit Lace Up Sneakers – I am on my second pair of these kicks. They are the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever bought!
  14. Sakara Life – Confession, I love healthy food, I do not always love to cook. Thankfully there is Sakara Life, which is my favorite healthy meal delivery! All meals are 100% plant-based, organic, non-GMO, gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar FREE. It comes right to your door and you do not have to cook for a week while still eating extremely healthy! First time to Sakara Life – use code REF_BETHANY15 to get 15% off your first order!
  15. Sticky Be Socks – I do pilates or barre 5 or 6 days a week so grippy socks are a staple in my sock drawer. These are my favorite brand! Many different styles and colors; and some of them have inspiring sayings on them. “Be mindful” was my first pair.
  16. Medical Medium Books – The Medical Medium’s books are fascinating. I started reading them when I felt like everything I was doing to heal was not working. I read his first book and connected with it so much, I purchased his other 3 and read those cover to cover. A lot of what I do on my healing journey has come from his books and advice. If you struggle with any medical conditions, I highly suggest you read them and see if it is something that may help you!
  17. Norwex Cleaning Supplies – I feel like Norwex is a best kept secret. I have been using these clothes to clean my house for years and do not own 1 chemical in our home. They are a sustainable, chemical free cleaning supply company offering various products to efficiently and safely clean your home.
  18. Tongue Scraper – Kind of an odd gift, but I also think this is a best kept secret! The tongue scraper (or tongue cleaner) dates back to ancient times in India, but its benefits—especially the promotion of fresh breath and oral hygiene—have recently gained a lot of attention in the West. Benefits of using a tongue scraper include: helps remove coating on the tongue that leads to bad breath, helps eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue, enhances the sense of taste, promotes overall oral & digestive health, gently stimulates the internal organs, clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue.
  19. Dry Brush – Okay, another odd gift, but powerful for your health is a dry brush. Dry-brushing promotes lymphatic cleansing and is a powerful way to support the removal of cellular waste products from the body. You use it daily before taking a shower. You can read more about it here.
  20. Palo Santo & Sage – I use Sage and Palo Santo at least every month if not more.  Burning sage (or “smudging”)  clears negative energy our from your space and Palo Santo brings the good energy in. Anytime I clean my home, after it is all clean, I smudge,  burn palo santo and set intensions. Our home feels lighter and brighter.
  21. Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven (4/12 qt) – I use this Dutch oven for everything! You can use it stove top and also put it into the oven. It is very easy to clean and is made from non-toxic material so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaking into your food.
  22. Marc Fisher ltd. Yale Pointy Toes Chelsea Bootie – Who doesn’t love a great leather bootie? This is a new obsession of mine. You can dress them up or dress them down. They are super comfortable too!
  23. Swell Water Bottle – In an effort to stay hydrated and cut back on plastic, I bring my swell water bottle everywhere! They come in different sizes too!
  24. Alo Foxy Sherpa Jacket – I just scored this cozy coat during a black Friday sale and it the most cozy, warm, fashionable coat! I love it!
  25. Vitamix – This comes at no surprise, however it is an expensive purchase for a blender that I believe is worth every penny. I use it daily and not only can I make smoothies and soups in it, I use it in place of a food processor at times. It is so multi-functional. It is worth every expressive penny!


Stay tuned for a NYC Holiday Guide coming soon 🙂



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