OY! It only took one month in NYC to knock me off my feet for a couple of days with a dreadful cold/flu virus. Every practitioner I spoke with said the flu season is starting early this year and they have already seen a lot of weird viruses going around. Eeek! 

I tend to take a very holistic approach to healing when it comes to getting sick with a virus. I like to focus on creating an environment within my body to then allow it to fight it on its own. Of course, I am not a doctor, so if you are very ill, I recommend you go see your doctor; but here are my tips and tricks for fighting off any kind of cold/virus:

  1. HYDRATION – It so important to keep your body hydrated! Coconut water, green juice, regular filtered H2O, load up! Stay away from any sugary drinks, cold beverages and alcohol. Cold beverages can cause excess mucus. Focus on room tempautre or hot beverages. Herbal tea, like echinacea is amazing too. Staying hydrated helps move things through your system and naturally helps your body release toxins. 
  2. ESSENTIAL OILS –  Oregano, On Guard, Peppermint, Breathe, Lemon to name a few! Oregano oil is a powerful anti-viral oil. You can put it in a capsule or on your skin with a carrier oil. Make sure anytime you are using oils you are using the highest quality possible. I love and trust @doterra. They are third party tested and ethically sourced. You can read more about essential oils here
  3. GINGER/LEMON/TURMERIC – The stronger the better! You can juice these at home or head to your local juice shop and grab a shot. In Michigan, @drought has an immunity potion that is amazing. In NYC, @JuicePress has a ginger fire ball I swear by! Helps boost immunity and kill off bacteria and viruses! You need to make sure you are ingesting turmeric WITH black pepper for proper absorption. 
  4. IMMUNO-BOOSTING IVS – Your body is craving vitamins and nutrients to support it as is fights off the virus. IVs are amazing. @studiomed in NYC is awesome. They come right to your home, how perfect and convenient is that? I love them! (You can get 20% off with code “HEALTHYB20”) If you are not in NYC, make sure you go to a TRUSTED source for these IVs. You want to know what is exactly in the solution and that is made with the purest ingredients. 
  5. REST – Above all else, this is the most important. Your body needs time to heal and repair, it cannot do that without sleep and rest. I know it is hard, but give your body the rest it deserves and I promise you the duration of your illness will be shorter than if you were to “power through”. 
  6. RAW GARLIC – I know, I know, but it works! Chop up raw garlic into pill size pieces and swallow them whole! Garlic is amazing at killing bacteria and viruses. 
  7. ELDERBERRY SYRUP – This you can take everyday to keep your immune system strong, but when you are sick, there is no harm in doubling up! I recommend Gaia Herbs
  8. VITAMINS – Vitamin C, D, Zinc and magnesium are in my personal daily regiment, but if not, I would recommend them! (PS Did you know Red Peppers have a higher level of Vitamin C than an orange?)!
  9. BROTHS AND SOUPS –  There some truth to chicken noodle soup and its ability to fight off illness. Any bone broth is amazing for your immune system. I love @springbone in NYC (they have so many options – vegan broth too!) or you can make your own at home!  My fav healing broth recipe is here. 
  10. HOMEOPATHIC MEDICATION – If you are looking to care for your overall well-being in a more holistic way, I would recommend working with a homeopath! I go to Kathleeen Slonager at Transformation Health in Michigan. She is amazing and can always help balance my body back to health. Here is another great resource as well – 
  11. EPSOM SALT BATH – Epsom Salt baths help detox your body! Especially if you have an upper respiratory virus, warm baths help open up the airways. I always add a few drops of Eucalyptus doTERRA essential oil to the bath, it is blissful!
  12. INFRARED SAUNA – SWEAT. SWEAT. SWEAT! Obviously if you have a fever and are in really rough shape, do not use, but when you are feeling up to it, an infrared sauna is a great way to detox your body through sweat and it kills off viruses and bacteria in your body. Your body produces an environment where the viruses and bacteria have a hard time surviving, hence the die off. 
  13. SALT ROOMS – A couple of weeks ago I checked out @SaltHaus which is a modern salt room that has healing benefits! Some of the benefits are: cleanses your respiratory system, helps reduce seasonal allergies and colds, can strengthen your immune system and helps with sound sleep to name a few! I went truly felt the benefit. After my session my cough got way worse for about 30 minutes and then I felt my chest feel lighter and my cough was less frequent so I think there is something to it! 


Lucky 13 steps for you all! I hope this helps! Wishing everyone a HEALTHY winter!



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