“Morning Routine” has been quite the buzz phrase recently, and for good reason. Developing a morning routine and sticking to it throughout the last couple of years has drastically increased my happiness and productivity and decreased any feelings of stress and anxiety.

Making time to do things that makes us feel good can really set the tone for the day. It allows us to own the day, and not have the day own us. Most of us are working, or taking care of kids or other family members, volunteering, cooking, cleaning, and more. We spend a lot of our days being of service to others. However, we cannot show up as are brightest and best versions without making time to take care of ourselves first. When we are constantly giving, giving, giving without filling up our own cup with love and joy, we can start to resent our live and even those we love.

Creating a morning routine can help ground us. It is time to fill up our own cup, recharge our batteries and get in the correct mindset to live the day to the fullest!

It has taken me a while to develop what works for me. Everyone is very different and what I do, may not work for you. But I encourage you to explore different practices and create a morning routine that works for you.  Below is what is currently working for me:

7:00 AM – Rise and Shine! Keeping a consistent sleep schedule is important for me. I have realized it gives me the most energy and I feel like best throughout the day. I do not even have to set an alarm anymore, my body clock wakes me up every single day at 7 AM. When I wake up I do allow myself 30 minutes to rest and slowing get out of bed. I jump out of bed and be ready to go. I lay there, doing some breathing exercises. stretch and allow my body to slowly wake up.

7:30 AM – Bathroom & Skin Care – First things first, tongue scrape (If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can read more about it here). Then I brush my teeth, brush my hair and brush my skin. Yes, I brush my skin — if you are not familiar it is called dry brushing (which you can learn more about here). It is really great for activating the lymphatic system and assisting in the body’s natural detoxing. Next is my skin care routine. I keep is very simple. I never wash my face in the morning. First, I spray Indie Lee’s Co Q10 Toner, allow it to air dry and apply BeautyCounter Vitamin C all bright serum <– that product has BLOWN MY AWAY! It completely transformed my skin and I only use it in the AM. Within days my skin looked bright, my skin tone was more even, I looked more youthful (if I do say so myself ;)). Its been life changing. Anyway, I digress. After the toner and the serum, I apply BeautyCounter Countertime Mineral Boosting Essence – which is a moisturizer. After that I jade roll or gua sha my face for a couple of minutes. This also helps with nourishing the lymphatic system, as well as reduces inflammation and tightens skin tone!

8:00 AM – HYDRATE! I get a large glass of warm lemon water. I drink about 32 oz. This hydrates every cell in your body, wakes up your digestive system and cleanses your organs. Its like a shower for your insides. With my water first thing, I take my probiotic. Everyday! I do not miss a day. I use the Sakara Life Probiotics and they work best for me. I can noticeably can feel a difference with my digestion when I take them regularly. You do not have to refrigerate them so they are easily to travel with too! While I am drinking my water, I make my morning juice. What I put in my juice can vary. Typically it is celery, lemon, cucumber and ginger or some variation of that! I also love to add in some apple, orange and grapefruit from time to time. Drinking juice first thing on an empty stomach is beneficial for your body to absorb all the nutrients and it completely energizes me.

8:30 AM – Practice Mindfulness. I take about 30 minutes, I light a candle or burn some palo Santo and I meditate, practice some breathing exercises and journal. This is what sets the tone for the day.  You can get palo Santo off amazon and my favorite non-toxic candle is from Sundays. For meditation, I typically listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s morning meditation which you can purchase off his website and listen on iTunes, or I sit quietly and I just focus on my breath. I do some belly breathing and take time to write out anything that is coming up for me. I like to write out what I am grateful for. I like to write out some affirmations. I also will write out anything that is weighing heavy on my mind. This 30 minutes is time for me to take care of my mental health and nourish my soul.

9:00 AM – Movement! This used to be when I would leave the apartment to head to to a workout class, but now with the current state of the world, I do an at home workout, run or I take Charlie for a long walk. If I am doing an at home work out I LOVE Dana_Levit Pilates, sjadeNYC and Sarah Brooks Pilates. Daily movement is important for me, but I enjoy lower impact, lowers intensity workouts. For years I was a cardio queen and it was so taxing on my body. I love more mindful intensional movement.

10:00 AM – Walk the Dog / Breakfast. After I workout, if my workout did not include Charlie, I take him for a 30 min walk or head to the dog park for him to run around! Then I make some breakfast and get ready for the day. My go-to breakfast first fruit. I love berries, watermelon or cat elope first thing! Then I go for a gluten free English muffin (I love Foodsforliving) and with cashew butter and smashed banana. Literally everyday and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Sometimes I will do a smoothie too.

11:00 AM – WORK. Everyday I start work at 11 AM. That is the beauty of creating your own business and being your own boss. I am so damn grateful everyday for having time in the morning to nourish myself so I can show up for my clients and brands I work with everyday. I typically work 11 – 7 PM, sometimes 8 depending on clients and I have some breaks in-between for lunch, fresh air, downtime etc.

So that is an in depth look into my everyday morning routine. This is what works for me. This is on the longer side of a morning routine. A morning routine can be as long as 3 hours to as short as 20 minutes and anywhere in between. It is finding what works for you, what is enough for you, what fills you up! Even just 5 minutes of deep breathing and reminding yourself of 3 things you are grateful for will help set you up in the right mindset to seize the day!

Share below your morning routine with me! I would love to hear!


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