Let’s bring the energy of luxury spa right into your home!

In todays world, we like to call it “self-care” when we take a bath or take “extra” time to cleanse and nourish our bodies, but really, hygiene is a very basic need that is a necessity and not a luxury.

There are so many simple, amazing, easy ways to elevate your bathroom to enhance your hygiene experience, and provide you with those feelings of rejuvenation and calm.

In Feng Shui, the bathroom is a sanctuary where you nurture yourself.  It can get a bad reputation because it has the potential to drain the energy within you, your money and your home, but when designed properly, it’s actually a very sacred, calm, tranquil space that can provide feelings of nourishment. Follow these steps below to elevate and balance the energy in your bathroom and recreate a spa-like experience to enjoy.


  1. add fresh eucalyptus to your shower head. This is a beautiful way to bring in a fresh scent that is energizing and revitalizing. It adds beautiful color too!  Make sure to replace it weekly to keep it fresh and not dead, dried out or moldy.
  2. add plants – something like Bamboo or Golden Pothos is great to add in the space. They have the ability to replenish, renew and balance the energy of the space.
  3. put your lights on a dimmer – candles are a beautiful way to create a moody vibe in any room, but in the bathroom they are not the best choice. They bring fire energy which strengthens the water element. In a bathroom the water element is already dominant, so we don’t want to add to it. Artificial light isn’t healthy for us either, instead invest in a dimmer switch for your lighting so you can control the setting and create a warm inviting environment with a muted lighting.
  4. use neutral calming colors – your bathroom should be light, bright and clean. It also should incorporate the wood element to balance the energy. Therefore, fill your color palette with light, bright neutral tones. White, creams, tans, soothing calm colors.  Always have clean, fresh towels available and change the hand towel often.
  5. invest in a towel warmer – This isn’t a must buy nor does it have anything to do with Feng Shui but, its a lovely luxury. Who doesn’t love a warm towel after a relaxing shower or bath? I recently discovered this one form amazon and I am all about it. You can also get really elevated and invest in heated floors 🙂
  6. use essential oils for aromatherapy – our scenes have a powerful ability to provide us with feelings of calm and relaxation. Having lavender, vetiver or Ylang ylang essential oils on hand to rub on your wrist, add to you shower/bath or even diffuse will up lift your experience. I love this blend from doTERRA. I add it to my bath every evening.
  7. invest a bath pillow for your bathtub – there is nothing worse than laying in a bathtub with your head up against a porcelain slab. I love this pillow from Amazon. Its so comfortable and really makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Remember to dry it properly and wash it often to prevent mold from forming.
  8. declutter the space – clutter, chaos, mess and uncleanliness produce negative energy anywhere, but especially in the bathroom.  It will add to draining the energy of your space. Keeping your surfaces clean and uncluttered will elevate the energy and provide feelings of calm and cleanliness. Store as much product and personal items in drawers and cabinets, but make sure to keep those organized too!
  9. invest in a bath caddy – for purpose and decor – I love how this adds an extra element to the space. I love this one from CB2. It is simple and clean looking. You can put your dry brush, bath salts, etc on there for use and decor.
  10. decorate with a bamboo bath mat – I love this one from The Citizenry. It looks chic and really elevates the space while using the wood element. Cotton bath mats tent to get damp and worn out over time.
  11. Invest in a plush robe – you cannot have a spa experience without a cozy robe. I love this organic waffle robe from Coyuchi.

One last thing to keep in mind when elevating a bathroom is to make sure everything works! Fix any leaking faucets and keep the fixtures clean. Dripping water is said to “drain” energy and your wealth. No one wants that!

During your spa experience, hydrate with some filtered water with fresh citrus or cucumber to really bring the experience all together!

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