Hey Guys! If you know me or have been following along my journey, you may have noticed my love for essential oils. If you are new, WELCOME and I cannot wait to share with you how essential oils have changed my life. I use them DAILY to manage pain, keep my immune system strong, help ease stress and anxiety, clean my house … the list of uses goes on, that is just to name a few! That is why I love them so much! They are my medicine cabinet as well as my cleaning cabinet. Pretty cool, huh?

What are essential oils and how did I discover them?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, stems, bark, leaves and other parts of the plants. The reason they are so powerful is because they work at the cellular level, meaning their benefits can pass through the cell membrane. This is huge! Antibiotics cannot even do that. If you want to learn more about what these oils are and HOW they work. Click Here!

While I was living in NYC a few years ago, I started to hear about essential oils through social media, however, I really did not understand what they were or if they actually worked? I also didn’t really have any spare money at the time to spend on something I wasn’t sure of and didn’t know if I would see any real benefits from using them, so I just let it be.  Fast-forward 3 years later and after going through brain surgery in the summer of 2015 (a full post about that journey coming soon!) is when I finally decided to look into these oils more and give them a shot. After I had surgery, I had multiple things going on: headaches, anxiousness, sadness, fatigue, jaw pain, low immune system, digestive issues etc. Recovery was long and tough. Every doctor I spoke to about my symptoms said it is completely normal what I am experiencing, and they all suggested a pill for each symptom – not to cure it, but to mask it.  Now, I had just gone through brain surgery, but I was smart enough to know I did not want to harm or cause anymore trauma to my body, so I decided to look at holistic and natural ways to heal and “manage” my symptoms. Thankfully, while I was going through this, I met my now really dear friend, Nadia, who is a wellness advocate for doTERRA. This is a perfect example of “there are no coincidences”. I was at a time where I was begging to feel helpless. Nadia was able to explain to me that everything I am going through has an oil(s) that can help. That is all I needed to hear to sign me up!

Also, during this time, I was doing A LOT of research on how to heal my brain and a big thing I was finding was the harmful effects of the chemicals in our beauty products, cleaning products, perfumes etc. and they negative effects they have on our health.  After learning this, I was on the track to completely change my life to a non-toxic lifestyle. If you have not researched this – DO IT. It should be illegal what is allowed in our products and how they are allowed to market it all.  So, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to hear I could throw away every chemical I ever owned and replace it with an oil(s) that is not only harmless, but also beneficial to my health.

How do I use them?

At first I was overwhelmed with all the options of oils. There are so many, I had no clue what each oil did or how to use them. I chose to order the “home essentials” kit, as well as the past tense roller ball. Nadia suggested this would be the best deal to get started and the paste tense was great for my headaches, which was the major symptom I was experiencing. I placed the order and the box arrived at my house a few days later. To be honest, it did sit there for a few weeks before I opened it up and began to use them. Quiet honestly, I was just a little overwhelmed with if I could mix them, what goes best with what; how to use them – (topically, aromatically, internally) and how to get the max benefits -it exhausted me to think about (I was at a time when it did not take much to exhaust me). Until one day I developed a BAD headache, I was in tears thinking something was wrong and maybe I needed to go back to the hospital. My anxiety was not making anything easier either. So, I finally busted open that box on oils, and lathered past tense all over my head, lavender all over my body and peppermint in my diffuser. Within 10 minutes (not joking) I felt relief in my head and calm in my body. I was freaked out. I did not know if it was all in my head or if something was really happening. I can firmly said today that something GREAT was happening, and these oils WORK.

It took me time to play around with all the oils and to research what to mix with what and what oil is best for what etc. BUT, thankfully I had time on my hands to research it all and learn, but also if not, Nadia and some many other amazing people in the doTERRA community were awesome resources.  As soon as I signed up, I was welcomed into a new community of people who also loved these oils enough to share what works for them! There are a ton of resources out there to help! (If you choose to get involved in doTERRA, I promise to connect you to it all.)

Once, I got the hang of it all, I started to use them for EVERYTHING. I use Whisper as my perfume and I get SO many compliments on it. Past Tense is my GO TO for headaches and any tension. On Guard is amazing for when I am sick and for keeping my immune system strong.  I use their skin care line as well as the on guard cleaning solution to clean every inch of my house (including my toilets). I literally use them for everything now.

This next statement is powerful – Since starting to use essential oils, I have NEVER had to use any prescription or over the counter medication for anything.

How can you get the benefits of these amazing oils?

After using these oils and experiencing the benefits, I felt inspired to share them with everyone! I felt like they were a best kept secret I needed to get out! I decided to join the doTERRA community and start “selling” the oils. I do not look at it as “selling” though. I believe I share the knowledge about the power of these oils and people can make the best decision for themselves. All I want to do is share my experience in hopes of being able to inspiring others to think about using these oils in their lifestyle however best suits them, and in turn use less toxic products!

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