It seems like everyone talks about morning routines (just like I did in a previous blog post) and their benefits, but what about evening routines? Having an evening routine has many benefits as well, especially as it relates to sleep.

Just like my morning routine, my evening routine is designed to really nourish my mind, body and soul. It is something that I look forward to every night to calm down my nervous system, release the energy of the day, and prepare my body and mind for quality sleep.

Sleep is something that many people struggle with. Though my research it seems to relate to not being able to calm down the mind and body. When you are feeling restless and your mind is racing, it is difficult to get quality sleep. Quality sleep is a major pillar of health. So, making sure we are preparing our body to receive quality rest is incredibly important for over all well-being.

To be honest, my evening routine can change throughout the seasons. I tend to take more baths in the winter and take more evening walks in summer, but there are some constant practices that are my go-tos.

The Healthy B’s Evening Routine:

Being an entrepreneur, my work ours are flexible, but they are also all over the place. I typically stop work anywhere between 5-7 PM every day. Sometimes later, but that is to accommodate a later client.

Everyday after work, I light a candle or some palo Santo and I do a breathing exercise / meditation. This helps me wind down from the day. Working with clients is my passion, but it is energetically a lot to hold space for people. Being able have a practice that allows me to come back to my own body is necessary. I release any energy that does not serve me and I cleanse my aura.

After meditation, I take Charlie (my dog) for a walk. Currently I am in the apartment for a large part of the day and I haven’t been getting as much sunlight and fresh air as usual, so going for a walk after work completely nourishes me. Fresh air is truly the best medicine sometimes. It is also a time when Clark and I connect after both working all day.

After our walk we either go out to dinner, cook at home or get carry out. I enjoy all options. Depends on how we are feeling and what we are in the mood for.

After dinner we typically watch a show for an hour or so and just unplug from the realities of the world. TBH, we are running out of series. If we don’t have anything to watch, maybe another walk or we read or chat.

About an hour before bed is when the routine kicks in. Most nights I will take a salt bath. It is the most relaxing thing ever for me. I dry brush my whole body, put a face mask on, light a candle, put 2 cups epsom salt in the bath with couple drops of essential oils and I either listen to a podcast or relaxing music. I completely veg out. It is blissful! I do not text. I do not read email. I connect back to myself.

After the bath I do the whole beauty care routine. I apply coconut oil all over my body. Wash, tone and moisturize my face with the BeautyCounter CounterTime Line. Their cleanser, serum, eye cream and night cream is amazing and works well with my skin. After that I put my cozies on and get ready for bed.

I make my favorite Detox Tea from Sakara Life. Great for digestion and overall cleansing of your system.

Then, I like to light a candle or burn some palo Santo, turn on a meditation and do some breathing exercises. After, I write in my journal.  I take some CBD, rub some doTERRA Serenity or ADAPTIV and I go to bed!

That is that! Having an evening routine to calm down my nervous system is so important for me to get quality sleep. I learned after I had brain surgery how important sleep is for me. I make it a priority so I can show up for myself and others.

Hope you enjoyed the run down! Feel free to share with me your evening routine below!



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