We are inundated with toxins every single day. Some we have control over, others we do not. For the longest time, I put a lot of focused on the food I put into my body and relating it how healthy I am, yet paid very little attention to the environment in which I was living in. The truth is, it’s estimated that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. This is due to multiple factors – furniture, fabrics, plastics, other VOCs etc. and also the lack of air circulation and movement within the home. Some of our “everyday” home items could also be causing harm or putting strain on our health.

Today on the blog I wanted to share with you some simple home item swaps and products I love and use that are safe for your health.

Cookware: Something most of us use daily, yet mostly likely have never considered the importance of the material it is made out of it and the effects it can have on our health. The concern with traditional bakeware like “non-stick” and aluminum are that they can potentially leach hormone-disrupting chemicals and heavy metals into food. Non-stick pans traditionally were coated with compounds like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE – more commonly known as Teflon). These toxic chemicals can be released during cooking and present harm to our health. You can read more about the health concerns here. Thankfully over the years, cookware has improved and become safe. Some of my favorite non-toxic brands are:

  • Caraway – Chemical free beautiful ceramic sets. Perfect set for starting fresh with new cookware. Ascetically pleasing as well.
  • OurPlace – This sustainability made “do-it-all”  pan is a MUST. It comes with a steamer tray and is so easy to clean.
  • Le Cruset – I received a beautiful Dutch Oven for our wedding and I use it non-stop. Completely worth the investment in my opinion. I also love their baking dishes and serving trays.


Air purifier: As I mentioned above, the air inside our homes is more toxic and polluted than the air outside. Opening windows frequently helps, but having a quality air purifier in your space can be very beneficial for your health.  My favorite is the Air DoctorPro.Why Air DoctorPro? I did a lot of research before purchasing! It has a UltraHEPA Filter that is 100 times more effective than ordinary HEPA filters! It removed 99.99% of tested viruses and bacteria. It is super quiet. It is small and compact enough to not take up too much space or be an eye sore. It is constantly circulating air and when it detects pollutants in the air it revs up and works harder to clear it out. It is super low maintenance – It has two filters. One of which you need to switch out on an of average every 6 months and the other around every 12 months. Bonus – it does not give off EMFs like many other of its competitors. (BONUS BONUSclick here to get $300 OFF yours!)


Water purifier: Water is a human necessity. However, the quality of the water you consume  is more important than you may think. Unfortunately water is polluted with lead, fluoride, arsenic, parasites, bacteria, viruses and other various chemicals. Consuming these toxins over time can cause illness and disease.  Shocking, I know. I grew up thinking “tap” was clean and safe. Through my research, I have learned is not clean and it is not that safe. If you are curious about what is in your water where you live, click here. Consuming filtered water has many benefits for your health.  I personally love my AquaTru water filtration system for my kitchen.  Known to remove over 200+ contaminants.


Bedding/Matress: We spent 1/3 of our lives sleeping in our beds. Traditional bedding/mattress and pillows are ladened with chemicals. Cotton is thought to be the world’s ‘dirtiest’ crop due to its heavy use of insecticides, using the most dangerous pesticides to human and animal health.  When we sleep, our body is detoxing and repairing, therefore having organic bedding only adds to that process, instead of burdening it. Some of my favorite brands for organic bedding are:

  • West Elm – I’ve bought all our sheets and duvet covers from west elm. I love their selection and everyone is comfortable.
  • Happsy – I have a mattress, mattress topper and mattress cover from Happsy. It is SO comfortable. Could not be more pleased. GOTS certified! (THEHEALTHYB225 for $255 OFF!)
  • Avocado Mattress  – I have pillows from here. They are very comfortable and GOTS certified!
  • Coyuchi – I bought our duvet from here. It is the perfect “not too hot, not too cold” combination. It does a great job of regulating the temperature to sleep well and be comfortable. Also, GOTS certified!


Furniture: This one I was most surprised to learn about. Most furniture is made with toxic material and then sprayed with toxic chemical. Simple to bedding. Furniture can cause health issues. It’s called furniture off-gassing. Furniture can release toxic chemicals into the air we breathe from simply existing in our homes (another reason why the air purifier is so important!). I will admit it hard to affordably furnish your home with all naturally made furniture. Here are some brands I trust and appreciate.

  • ABC Home and Carpet – Grateful to have ABC a couple blocks from where we live. Everything is sustainable and eco-friendly. All very unique pieces, built to last. They created the original cloud couch (that restoration hardware eventually cheaply copied). The vibe is everything.
  • West Elm – Over the years West Elm has started to carry more and more sustainable, non-toxic pieces. We got our whole bedroom set from there 5 years ago and still love it today.
  • Etsy – I love Etsy for tables / chairs / accessories. They have so many talented retailers that make items from scratch, using all REAL WOOD and real materials. I am a big fan of shopping small whenever possible.
  • The Citizenry – LOVE everything in this store. The rug/pillows is what original got me interested. Again, all sustainable and safe!
  • Home Nature – If I could live in this store I would. The vibe is everything for me. I gotten some beautiful pieces from there to furnish our space.


Cleaning products: This is one of the first switches I made once I started to educate myself on how to heal after brain surgery. Traditional cleaning products are so toxic and are known to cause health issues. There are so many affordable cleaner, safer options out there, it was a no brainer for me to make the switch. Some of my faves:

  • Norwex – Hands down my favorite concept and brand to use and support. Also the most sustainable, non-toxic cleaning option I have found. You just have to add water to any Norwex® Microfiber and it removes up to 99% of bacteria throughout your home. I have the clothes all around my house. No need to add anything to the cloth- just WATER. It’s fascinating. You can learn more about the technology and their mission here. The pet mitt is EVERYTHING!
  • Branch Basics – This women owned business was created after their own health journeys had them needing a non-toxic cleaning option to support their health and health of their loved ones. They created a versatile, all purpose non-toxic cleaning solution to use on all surfaces. Their laundry detergent is great too! (THEHEALTHYB for 15% OFF)
  • doTERRA – I started using doTERRA right after brain surgery for pain and emotional support. I was introduced by a friend and quickly became addicted to using the oils for everything. Cleaning being one of them! They have this amazing solution called “on guard” that is a mix of different oils you can use to clean and disinfect your home. There are also many blogs for “DIY” cleaning solutions you can make with oils. They are so versatile and not only safe for your health, they are beneficial for your health!  There are a lot of essential oil brands out there, I use doTERRA because it is third party tested and contains ZERO synthetics, add fragence or any other chemicals. It is PURE.
  • Tersano (iclean mini)- I learned about Tersano this year through a friend. It is a essential a spray device that takes tap water and turns it into into a highly effective cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer that kills up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.  It’s simple, it’s proven and it’s 100% safe. Again, fascinating. You can learn more about their technology here. (BETHANY10 for 10% OFF)


Laundry: As mentioned above I rotate between doTERRA and Branch Basics. Another important swap is to ditch the toxic dryer sheets, and to use wool dryer balls instead. Dryer sheets are toxic to our health. They are full of synthetic fragrance and other chemicals that have been linked to causing asthma, breathing problem, eye irritation, hormone disruption and even cancer. (1) Dryer balls are a great alternative. You can get them from Norwex or even your local bed bath and beyond.


Scents: Speaking of synthetic fragrance…. Air fresheners, candles, etc. although smell amazing, can be extremely toxic and detrimental to our health. Regular scented candles are a huge source of indoor air pollution and they put off chemicals that are considered just as dangerous as second-hand smoke. (eeek!!) Important to note that “soy” candles does not necessarily mean non toxic. In order to put “soy” on a candle you only have to have 51% soy and the other ingredients can be toxic (but you will never know!).  However, I’ve done the research and they’re are safer options out there. Here are my faves:

  • Sundays Nontoxic Candle – My favorite non-toxic nail salon (female owned!)  has created a safe, non-toxic candle made with 100% natural oils, soy wax, cotton wick. It comes in two soothing and long-lasting scents. Pregnancy-safe  Eco-friendly as well! (THEHEALTHYB for 10% OFF)
  • The Scarlett Lady – Another female owned non-toxic, safe candle option but this one comes with some funny sayings. I love these as a give to self or a friend. “Calm your tits” and “Too Lit to give a shit” are some of my favorites.  (BETHANY10 for 10% OFF)
  • Essential oils with a diffuser – doTERRA Essential oils in a diffuser is always a great option too! I have my diffuser going all day. It is so calming and brings in the best energy.


Plants: OXGYEN…. We all need more of it! Some plants are extra great at adding oxygen to the room and cleaning the air. Your house can never have enough plants in my opinion! Some that are known to give off some great oxygen are: Snake plants, Chinese Evergreen, Money plants and Areca plants.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog <3


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