Greetings from NYC! Last month Clark, Charlie and I sold our beautiful, spacious 4 bedroom home in the suburbs of Detroit and swapped it for a compact 1 bedroom apartment in the Flatiron District of Manhattan. We could not be happier! Moving can be very stressful, especially when downsizing so I wanted to share with you all my 5 tips for a seamless move!

  1. DECLUTTER! You never want to move items you are not going to use.  My personal rule of thumb is if you have not used it or wore in the past year, toss it! There is so much emotion tied to things we do not use or need. There are many organizations that will come and pick up your donated items from your home. For anything you want to sell, I found poshmark and facebook marketplace to be very helpful!
  2. ORGANIZE! Once you have decluttered, take the time to organize everything! Start room by room. Pack boxes according to which room they will go in once you move. I found wardrobe boxes to be worth every penny for seamlessly moving clothing. They store so much and keep all your clothing very organized and neat. Make sure you are packaging fragile items well – packing paper and bubble wrap are great, just make sure you recycle after! Label all your boxes well so you know exactly what is in each box once you mve.
  3. CHANGE ADDRESS / DO ADMIN “STUFF”! Take the time to make a list of all the places  you need to change your address, contact the post office and have your mail forwarded, make a list of new prodivers you will need to set up at your new location (cable/electric/gas etc). Switch over your insurance, etc. Make big list and then designate time to sit down and get it all done at once! It will keep you from feeling scattered and all over the place
  4. IMPORTANT FOLDER – You want to make sure all your important documents are in one place and with you at all times. Buy a travel filing cabinet or folder to put any important documentation you have also including passports or personal items that need to be safe and secured during the move. Having everything in one place is key.
  5. HIRE MOVERS!  It is worth the money. Trust me! At first Clark and I were going to do the  move ourselves (what were we thinking!!) Factor in the cost of the movers into your move. It will take so much stress and anxiety off your plate and you can focus on the excitement of your new adventure. Clark and I used Bellhops moving and we could not have been happier. They came and got our stuff on Sunday morning and met us in NYC on Monday AM to unload it. It was seamless and took so much weight off our shoulders. 

Moving can be super stressful or can be very fun and enjoyable. It is all what you make it, but hopefully my advice above is helpful! If you are in the Metro Detroit area, I used Kara from Untterly Uncluttered to help me organize and declutter before my move and it was very helpful! 



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