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A three month HEALTH COACHING program HEALING your Mind and Body from Trauma

What is Trauma? Webster describes it as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience and/or physical pain.

That is, trauma can be physical or emotional, to me, it is always both! We all to varying degrees experience trauma throughout our lifetime. 

Often times, people who experience a physical-related trauma feel long-range effects—both physically and mentally.  When our bodies hold onto trauma, it stunts or inhibits healing, and interferes with your ability to live a quality life. 

Healing, both physically and emotionally, from trauma, takes work.

Based on my own personal experience healing from a significant, health-related trauma, and my studies that followed, I’ve designed a program to help you heal from trauma and feel your best again. You deserve to live a life full of love and abundance, regardless of the obstacles thrown

This program is for you if:

You have gone through a health-related trauma and are struggling to recover;

You have a chronic health condition and are experiencing difficulty coping;

You want to release anxiety and/or fear related to past traumas;

You want to make diet and lifestyle changes, but aren’t sure where to begin;

You want to FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN after going through a trauma;

You want to better understand how to live your fullest life while coping with a health condition or trauma; and/or

You want to understand how to HEAL your body to its core on a deep emotional and physical level.

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What’s included?:

The program consists of six bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions where I will personally meet with you for 50-minutes, via FaceTime or Zoom, over a period of 3 months.

During our one-on-one sessions, we will discuss your health history and concerns, and important health and wellness topics, set personally-tailored goals, and I will provide specific recommendations and lifestyle tips you can integrate into your life.

All along the way, we will discuss your progress, challenges, and victories—ensuring that the program meets your needs every step along the way.

The program will focus on: 

    • overcoming fear and anxiety; 
    • fueling your body through lifestyle and nutrition to help you feel your very best; 
    • creating mindfulness practices in your daily routine assist in healing your mind and body
    • understanding how to cope with the changes in your career, relationships and social life 
    • guiding you down a viable path to recovery, allowing you to more promptly resume doing the things you love and enjoy, and ultimately helping you find purpose in, and enjoy, your recovery journey.

    After finishing the program, you will have overcome challenges, progressed substantially toward if not fully reached your goals, and developed healthy habits to continue on your life-long  mission to sustained health and happiness. You will also have a new sense of love, support, and care for yourself, and a network of similarly situated people to help you always stay on task.

    Life presents challenges.  Everyone experiences challenges.  Understanding how to overcome those challenges with love and gratitude is what it is all about and I want to help you get there!

How was the B Healed Program born?

My Story

Hi I am Bethany and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I received my certification through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York City. I am passionate about helping individuals heal after going through a health trauma.

This program was created after I went through my own health trauma and learned how to heal my own body from the physical and emotional pain in order to feel myself again. In 2015 I was living a fast-paced, exciting lifestyle in New York City and working in the fashion industry. Suddenly, very suddenly, I started to not feel well. I started having neurological symptoms such as frequent headaches, numbness in my limbs, fatigue, vertigo, stomach issues and overall feeling ill. After over a year of misdiagnosis and no answers, It was finally discovered I had a cavernous malformation in my brain that had slowly been bleeding. Two weeks after this discovery, the canvermona burst and I was rushed into emergency brain surgery to save my life.

Truth is, my road to recovery was a challenging one (as I now know is the case for most similarly situated people). My entire life changed the day of my (proper) diagnosis, and although I’m so grateful to have had such a successful surgery (and frankly, to be alive), the adjustment to everyday life thereafter was slow and challenging. I needed a lot of support and someone to teach me how to release all fear and anxiety related to my surgery, educate me on how to change my diet and lifestyle to support my healing and hasten my return to “normal.” I quickly realized that everything changes with brain surgery, and extra support made all the difference for my recovery.

During my recovery, I started working with a health coach who helped guide me through my recovery, offering advice about nutrition and lifestyle (and just about everything else). Once I started working with her, my body (and mind) started feeling so much better. She helped me set goals and motivated me to get back doing things I loved, and soon after I started working with her, I found I was making progress much faster than I had been previously alone.

It was my time working with her that inspired me to quit my job, return to school, and become a health coach myself. I knew, from personal experience, a need for this existed—especially for those like me who had brain surgery (or other health traumas which led to elongated recovery). I found that support and knowledge on how to heal on a deep level is everything

It’s now been a year since I graduated and I have been working one-on-one with individuals who have undergone brain surgery or a health trauma to help guide and support them through their recovery. It has been amazing and rewarding. The progress my clients have made is inspiring and the need for a program was created.


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